paquerettes-logo-petitWhat is the level of  protection of the Pâquerettes Paris sunglasses ?

Mirror coatings. These thin layers of various metallic coatings can reduce the amount of visible light entering the eyes. They are popular in high-glare environments and when combined with the wraparound feature, they can even provide added protection to the skin surrounding the eye area.

There are 5 different levels of sun protection for sunglasses:

– 0 = no protection
– 1 = low protection, lightly tinted lenses (cloudy sky or aesthetic use)
– 2 = medium protection, tinted lenses for low intermediate luminosities
– 3 = strong protection, tinted lenses for high exposure adapted to the sea and the mountain
– 4 = Maximum protection, very dark glasses dedicated to extreme light conditions, banned for driving

The sunglasses Pâquerettes Paris benefit level 3 of sun protection, they protect against UV and IR at sea and in the mountains up to 2000m.


How fast is my order shipped ?

Once your order validated, the sunglasses will be shipped next Saturday.


How are the Pâquerettes Paris sunglasses packed ?

Our team will package very carefully your Pâquerettes Paris sunglasses in their case in felt and their box.


What is the shipping cost ?

Find delivery page devoted to this issue : here


Are there models for men and children?

For now, only women can enjoy the collection of sunglasses Pâquerettes Paris.


Can we move and change the flowers ?

When you order a model, the flowers are attached to the frame and can not be changed. If you want a particular model that is not in the store, thank you to write to us via the contact form and we’ll do our best 🙂


What is the guarantee for the sunglasses ?

If when you receive the order, the glasses are damaged, thank you to contact us quickly to take our arrangements with the transporter. We will send a return form and a new pair.