A travel, a crown of flowers,  a pair of sunglasses, a bit of  awkwardness and imagination.. Here are the necessary elements for the creation of the brand Pâquerettes Paris in 2014.

Since, the brand Pâquerettes Paris in based on its originality and on the “savoir faire” of the founder as well as a universe where be proud of your look is the most important thing.

The main idea of the team is to propose you originals accessorizes “bohemian-chic” so that each of you feels special everyday.  It’s time to assume your personality with a style which will make you stick out from the crowd.

We give you also the possibility to be involved in the personalization of your sunglasses by going on this page, choose your flowers and frame following your taste and actuals desires.

All our products are made in France and homemade!

For any other question, let’s go to our page FAQ !