Where are your products made ?

In France !

How can we pay ?

You can pay directly by credit card via the secure platform Stripe, or by Paypal.

What is the protection of the sunglasses ?

The sunglasses Pâquerettes Paris benefit level 3 (up to 4) of sun protection or polarized glasses. They protect against UV and IR at sea and mountain.

Can we move or change flowers ?

The flowers are fixed to the frame and can not be changed. You can customize your sunnies by choosing the flowers. Go to the page Customization.

Fournissez-vous un étuis à lunettes ?

Oui bien-sûr, les lunettes sont livrées avec leur étuis en feutrine et leur chifonnette.

How are the glasses packed ?

Our team will package very carefully your sunglasses in their case in felt and their box.

What is the shipping cost ?

It depends of your location. We offer it for France. In Europe it’s 12.15€ and for the rest fo the world it’s 26€.

What is the guarantee for sunglasses ?

If when you receive the order, the glasses are damaged, thank to contact us quickly to take our arrangements with the transporter. We will send you a return form and a new pair.

Another question ?

We’ll be glad to answer! Please write here.