Polarized sunglasses Leonie

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Leonie glasses are a must-have of summer thanks to the summer colors of the model.

These sunglasses combine the originality of bohemian chic with the softness of the natural. They will perfectly fit the shape of your face.

Because Pâquerettes Paris wants to take care of you, the glasses of our glasses are in polycarbonate and polarized, they assure you a high protection against the rays of the sun, to be beautiful and trendy by protecting its eyes it is possible!

Protect your eyes with style!

The glasses are guaranteed 1 year after your purchase!
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The sunglasses of these glasses are polarized and polycarbonate. They ensure you a high protection against the sun’s rays.

Polarized sunglasses, what is it?

The light is reflected on the shiny surfaces: sea, road … This phenomenon generates parasitic reflections that cause discomfort and visual inaccuracy, with or without glasses. A polarizing lens has a filter that suppresses these parasitic reflections. Polarizing glass blocks polarized light and only passes light carrying information. Thus, it improves visual acuity by allowing a better reading of the information that reaches the eye.

What is polycarbonate lenses?

Polycarbonate is the latest generation material that is replacing more and more glass and plastic. Polycarbonate is a synthetic material that has the peculiarities of being very resistant to shocks and very light. It filters 100% of UV.

The sunglasses polarized Pâquerettes Paris come with their felt cover, you can take them everywhere with you.

lunettes de soleil polariséesCharacteristics:
▸ Polycarbonate glasses
▸ Adjustable pads for more comfort
▸ Polarizing glasses
▸ Branches with curved ends for a perfect fit
▸ Personalized glasses by hand for more details
▸ Transparent glue for more aesthetics
▸ Designed in France

Dimensions of the sunglasses:
– length: 14.5 cm
– height: 5 cm
– bridge *: 2.5 cm
– branches: 10 cm

* We call bridge the part that connects the two glasses and is located above the nose of the wearer of the sunglasses



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