The sunglasses have a category 3 of protection filter and ensures high protection against sun’s rays.

The flowering Pâquerettes Paris glasses are delivered with their cover of felt, you can take them anywhere with you.

Characteristics:▸ Molded frame for comfort▸ Dark lenses, protection UV cat3▸ Branches tapered with curved ends for a perfect fit▸ Glasses customized by hand▸ Designed in France


Dimensions of sunglasses:- length: 14.5 cm- height: 5 cm- bridge *: 2.5 cm- temple: 10 cm

** The nose pad can be delicately adjusted to the shape of your nose and also the inclination of earpiece ***.___

bridge : Part of the frames that connects the two lens rims and rests on the nose** nose pad : Small, usually plastic piece that supports the rim on the nose*** earpiece : Curved rigid round-tipped part at the far end of the temple that goes behind the ear

You can pay directly by credit card via the secure platform Stripe, or by Paypal.

The sunglasses Pâquerettes Paris benefit level 3 (up to 4) of sun protection or polarized glasses. They protect against UV and IR at sea and mountain.

The flowers are fixed to the frame and can not be changed. You can customize your sunnies by choosing the flowers. Go to the page Customization..

Yes of course, the glasses are delivered with their felt cases and their cloth.

Our team will package very carefully your sunglasses in their case in felt and their box.

It depends of your location. We offer it for France. In Europe it’s 12.15€ and for the rest fo the world it’s 26€.

If when you receive the order, the glasses are damaged, thank to contact us quickly to take our arrangements with the transporter. We will send you a return form and a new pair.

We’ll be glad to answer! Please  write here.


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At Pâquerettes Paris, accessories are handcrafted with the greatest care for a unique and original look. All our products are made in France in our workshop.


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